The Oktoberfest was canceled due to COVID-19

Wishing somebody was here. Photo: Brenda Arnold
This guy’s going to have a good time, Oktoberfest or not. Photo: Brenda Arnold

“Die Wiesn ist kein Ort, die Wiesn ist ein Gefühl!“

“The Oktoberfest is not a place, it’s a feeling!”

A traditional Bavarian Brozeit-Brettl.

All dressed up with no place to go

Hard core Oktoberfester-goers are dressing up in the traditional Tracht of Lederhosen and Dirndl and making doleful treks to the empty fairgrounds. There they sit on the steps of the local version of the Statue of Liberty, the Bavaria, that usually looks down upon Bierleichen (literally beer corpses), people who had a wee bit too much of that amber liquid. This year, the grassy hillside is bare of bodies.

The Hacker-Pschorr brewery’s answer to coronavirus: die Snack-Box (or is it das Snack-Box? Der Snack-Box? I give up.) Photo: Hacker-Pschorr
Nobody’s sleeping off their hangover here this year. Photo: Wikipedia commons

Kiddie cars and carousels

Since the fairgrounds are off limits, many rides that would have been set up at the Oktoberfest have instead been placed at different public spaces around Munich. Chief among these is the Trachtival, (Tracht plus carnival, very clever) on the grounds of a former factory. It has since been refashioned into a collection of high-rise buildings called Werksviertel or working quarter.

Looking out of place in this industrial neighborhood, but better than nothing



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Brenda Arnold

Brenda Arnold


An American in Germany, I write historical but funny tidbits on life abroad and family relationships gleaned from raising two kids. Visit