Spectators turned spectacle

For the rescue services that were summoned to the scene, the following picture has emerged: The presumably injured person was in the process of visiting a gastronomic establishment for the purpose of food and drink intake and whereupon said subject seriously injured by the suspected perpetrator by means of the placement of said perpetrator’s fist in the face of the presumably injured person.

The original is even wackier, delivered in lilting Bavarian dialect.

A brilliant delivery of Beamtendeutsch — “civil servant German” — Photo: Primacomedy
Bele Turba and Nadia Tamborrini are Primacomedy. Photo: Primacomedy



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Brenda Arnold

Brenda Arnold


An American in Germany, I write historical but funny tidbits on life abroad and family relationships gleaned from raising two kids. Visit www.expatchatter.net