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Many things are hardwired into us at a young age. Experts say learning a language accent-free is only possible up to age nine — except for Henry Kissinger, who has a German accent despite emigrating to the States as a child. Olympic athletes begin training at an early age to…

Corona’s surprising effect on an evening at the theater

My favorite small theater has reopened after months of lockdown and we are attending a two-woman show called Primacomedy. I return here with mixed feelings. Would it be full? How will they deal with the social distancing inside the theater?


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The tightening grip of the Omicron variant has inspired me to make a radical move. Now that this virus has been roller-coastering through our lives for a good two years, it’s time to get off. I vote we sleep through 2022.

My initial illusions about the duration of this pandemic were recorded for posterity in an unexpected fashion: with a handwritten, two-line entry in my Moosewood Restaurant cookbook. It’s an old habit I copied from my mother: to note down the date on a recipe…

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Every parent and every child is different. That’s why everyone has to work it out for themselves. But here are some random hacks gleaned from my own experience and stories from friends that might be useful. Some are funny — humor is high on my list for dealing with (almost)…

Meet Max, Bavaria’s unofficial representative in Berlin

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Any self-respecting Dirndl, the corset-style traditional dress, is very tight-fitting. Mine is no exception. But since there is no Oktoberfest this year, it is no matter that I’ve gained a few corona kilos. After all, I’ve got a whole year to…

Brenda Arnold

An American in Germany, I write historical but funny tidbits on life abroad and family relationships gleaned from raising two kids. Visit

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